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'I'm very pleased with this product & relieved I have finally found something natural that is working'

Fantastic product, together with body wash and moisturizing lotion very highly recommended +++

I loved these products. The body wash had a great feel and i also loved the smell. The moisturizing lotion had a lovely feel, normally i cant stand the feeling of creams on my skin when im going to bed, but this lotion did not feel greasy or heavy at al

'Black seed Capsules are fantastic, I was tired and lethargic during the day before taking Black seed. After two weeks taking x2 capsules a day, I have more energy and feel relaxed. Thank you for a fantastic product'

'Thank you for providing us with a great quality product that does exactly what it promises'

Thank you for your contact , service and time . I Greatly appreciate it!! I cannot wait to keep representing Nigella Sativa!!

I really liked the moisturiser! I tested it - and the results were good!

I live in Qld. I purchased the oil from Unique Health Products in whose catalogue I first found the product. I did some research and wanted to try the product. I am very impressed.

'Using the Black Seed Shower Gel and Black Seed Body Lotion for two weeks I can't even see where the rash was. It has gone completely and my skin is smooth and feels soft'

My experience with this product was fantastic.I will definitely be purchasing these products again!!

This is a fantastic product, my skin is glowing so much people have asked if im pregnant!. The only issue I've had is the capsules repeating on me, but im prone to heartburn so that might just be me. I will definitely be restocking this one when its finis

I have recently started using this oil for general health and well being and have seen great results. I buy my hab Shifa oil from Deer park no sugar retailer on Ballarat road

I was browsing the internet one day and found a site about black seed oil and the health benefits. It said it was the blessed seed. It got me really interested, I thought well it’s not going to hurt trying, I’ve tried everything else. I looked everywhere

I am finding this product good. I am using it in conjunction with a morning warm water wash.. My skin seems to respond well to this and is relatively calm..

'I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I started using it because I have been feeling unwell for more than a year now and came across your product on my friends FB site..'

'I am on my second 50 ml bottle. I found it on the net while looking for XXXXXX methods and products. I have been incredibly regular with my XXXXXX these days and feel amazing.'

'I loved the gentle calming smell of the revitalizing body wash.. I was at the nail salon and the girl commented on my skin saying it was so soft almost like baby's skin!'

As I am getting older, my (XXXX) and (XXXXXX) conditions seem to be getting worst. A middle eastern friend suggested black seed oil & for over 12 months now I have noticed a huge difference in my health. Some perfumes still trigger it but overall I highly

'I'm a big fan of black seed capsules, black seed oil and black seed moisturizer.. The black seed moisturizer improved my dry skin and made it soft. also happy with hab shifa prompt delivery'

Finally I discovered Black Seed Oil and the improvement in my health has been amazing! I continue to use it everyday and tell everybody about this amazing product.

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